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It might not be illegal but it should be. A baby sitting in a bar stool at the bar crying while mother drinks her beer.

Manager did tell her (after I mentioned it) Duffys does not allow but mother paid the tab and stayed. I am regular and when I took my photos she RAN with the baby. How sad for the baby but it is the works we live in. The fact that the managers allowed her to stay there (using the excuse she cashed out) and waited for her udder is bad.

She could have waited in the waiting area where everyone else does. They did not act appropriately. Steve came over complaining about the photos I took. Hmmm that's weird.

Katie is a good person but that Steve was not so professional. I have so many photos ....

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She RAN with the baby because some creep at a bar was taking photos of her and her child. That creep was you.

Its probably not the best image to take your kid to a bar with you but people do it all the time. Its not illegal unless you share alcohol with a minor which she obbiously didnt do because she would of been kicked out. Look at the other people in the pictures. They look very weirded out and even amused by you.

People drink beer in front of kids all the time, you have no right to be taking pictures of people and their kids. As a matter of fact you might be the one breaking laws here. You should of been arrested for harassing her and her child. You are not the law.

It is not your place to be taking pictures of strangers.


That child didn't look like he was crying. I'm not condoning this but.

It is her child and she isn't breaking any laws.

So what business is it of yours. Or gives you the right to take pictures He's not being hit or harmed people need to mind their own business.

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